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Dryland/Weiser Fitness

Boy's Summer Strength/Size & Speed camps @ DLF

I'm very excited about this summer's camps! I have added even more speed and power development tools to the DLF. If the 6 week spring preseason girls Lacrosse pre/post tests are any indication (10-28%+ increases is speed, power and strength via computer/digital tools), it should be another great option for your son! 
We will also be utilizing more technology via realtime software! I will be able send out training programs, conditioning routines, at home/zero equipment programs when your son is not able to attend or wants additional opportunities to reach his goals!
Early Bird discounts and sibling discounts available. I will be posting these camps to all in association soon, but wanted to give you a chance to secure a spot before. 
Thank you all who have supported the programs and are seeing success! 
P.S. Girls camps posted as well. I didn't forget the girls. :0)
Bill Weiser
N.S.C.A. C.P.T.
Weiser Fitness Inc./Phase 3 Training Systems