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    VOTE YES Volunteer Hours

    Are you looking to fill your Volunteer SHIFTS?

    Volunteer shifts- We urge our parents and our Association to continue to be the leaders willing to do the outreach that needs to be done to get this over the top. We have to BEG and IMPLORE people to pick up these shifts on SIgnUpGenius. We have TOO MANY available slots for Door Knocking and Phoning Shifts. This piece of our strategy is CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS VOTE. We have to get people in the streets asking people to vote. Potentially we ask Parents to Volunteer as a Team function for one shift together? It’s simply a knock, handing them a prepared flyer and ask them to please consider voting Yes. Here is a link to see where we are at…

    Updates & News

    How are our STMA KNIGHTS and NWC RIVERHAWKS doing?

    If you have a photo you would like posted please forward to

    • Squirt B2 took 2nd Place in the Grand Rapids Star of the North Tournament
    • U12A Consolation Champs Cragun's Tournament Jan 13-15, 2017
    • U12A Consolation Champs at All American Tournament in Blaine
    • Squirt B2 took 3rd place in the Wayzata Fire and Ice Tourney
    • U10A RiverHawks take 2nd at White Bear Lake Tournament
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    LaZarre Graphics and Apparel has partnered with STMAYHA to offer Knights and Riverhawks Apparel.

    They are giving back to the association 10% on Bauer Apparel, 15% on all other apparel.